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Cold Beveling

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CS & M PIPE is proud to present the wax EP 4/24 pipe beveler with the auto feed system. It is a precision machine designed to prepare the pipe end to a quality smooth lathe finish.

The EP 4/24 prepared the pipe without any heat.

This machine can supply the pipe end in the form of square phase bevel, compound bevel or other style depending on the specification.

All surfaces offer corrosion resistant system finishes to withstand exposure to harsh environments.

The great advantage of our machine is that it does not involve any heat at all, therefore there are no changes in the metallurgy and no heat damage to the coating.

Since our machine clamps on the inside of the pipe there is no damage to the external coating such as FBE.

Our machine can be used equally well to prepare pipe, elbows or fittings.

Since we are utilizing mechanism that feeds in the axial and radial direction at the same time, there's no need for templates tool slides or work stoppages.

With our 'N' prep system it's now possible to set the bevel angle and the land that works best for your application.

The EP 4/24 can be used on a variety of pipe diameters.

From 4” to 24”, from thin wall up to 6” thickness.

Some of the features of this machine include:

  • Fully modular construction for fast, easy one man setup in operation.
  • No need for additional templates or external tool slides
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Clamping on the inside of the pipe
  • It can be operated in the pneumatic or hydraulic mode
  • Low friction bearing for maximum stability
  • No chattering or vibrations

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