Pipe Cutting and Beveling

CS & M PIPE is in the business of pipe cutting and beveling for more than 30 years.

Over the years, CS & M PIPE has cut and beveled more than 1 million meters of pipe.

We can cut and bevel almost any pipe diameter, wall thickness and grade.

24 inch pipe, cut and beveled

Fig.1: 24” pipe, cut and beveled

Every project provided with a detailed report and tally of pipe.

Cutting 52 inch pipe, X100, for C-FER, Edmonton

Fig. 2: Cutting 52” pipe, X100, for C-FER Technologies, Edmonton

We can cut and bevel bare, coated or insulated pipe. All our work is done according to line pipe standard or to customer specifications.

Cutting and beveling 16 inch pipe

Fig. 3: Cutting and beveling 16” pipe

For inquiry or price quote, please contact
Mike McAllister:
Phone: 780-499-0823
Email: csmpipe@shaw.ca

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