Pipe Insurance Repair

CS & M PIPE is in the business of pipe repair for insurance purposes.

Over the years we repaired hundreds of tons of pipe for:

  • Pipe importers
  • Pipe manufacturers
  • Pipe coaters
  • Distributors
  • Insurance companies
Damage 16 inch pipe

Fig. 1: Repairing damage on 16” pipe

CS & M PIPE can repair coated, insulated or bare pipe

Repairs by CS & M PIPE consist of:

  • Placing pipe on the racks, by others
  • Visual inspection, one man at each end of pipe
  • Marking all damages on pipes with red paint
  • Damage cutting and beveling
  • Detailed Reports
  • Digital photos
  • Pipe Tally
Damage 16 inch pipe

Fig. 2: Marking pipe damage with red paint

Damaged pipe repaired

Fig. 3: 16” Pipe after repair

For inquiry or price quote, please contact
Mike McAllister:
Phone: 780-499-0823
Email: csmpipe@shaw.ca

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