Pipe Refurbishing

CS & M PIPE is in the business of pipe refurbishing for over 30 years. Over the years, we have refurbished thousands of Km of pipe. We can refurbish almost any pipe diameter, wall thickness or grade.

CS & M PIPE can refurbish bare, coated or insulated pipe.

Internal pipe cleaning

Fig.1: Internal pipe cleaning

Pipe end refurbishing

Fig.2: Pipe end refurbishing

Cutback cleaning

Fig.3: Cutback cleaning

Pipe refurbishing by CS & M PIPE consists of:

  • Placing pipe on the racks
  • Visual inspection
  • Removing old bags
  • Removing corrosion, rust from cutback
  • Pipe end re-beveling
  • Pipe internal cleaning by wire brush, approx. 1 ft
  • Pipe internal blowing to remove dust, debris
  • Pipe end bagging (burlap)
  • Coating repair
    • If necessary, cut and bevel the pipe
  • Pipe tallying
New bevels applied

Fig.4: New bevels applied

New burlap bags at the pipe end

Fig.5: New burlap bags at the pipe end

For inquiry or price quote, please contact
Mike McAllister:
Phone: 780-499-0823
Email: csmpipe@shaw.ca

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